The Wool Parade


Doshi Levien created a playful installation that combines Kvadrat textiles to highlight the unique qualities of wool. The Wool Parade consists of 12 upholstered objects, which are inspired by the avant-garde parties and architectural theatre costumes from the early Bauhaus period. The objects have a peculiar and ambiguous form. Whilst each one has a very individual character, together they are reminiscent of marionettes in a parade: all are upholstered in an irreverent and bold combination of woollen fabrics, associated with costumes and the theatre: Hallingdal 65, Divina MD, Divina, Molly, Steelcut Trio, Remix and Willow. Several of the objects include hollow volumes that initially appear to be abstract geometric elements. Furthermore, moving around the installation, they align momentarily, providing fleeting glimpses of sartorial characters in space.


An animation film made by StudioAKA and commissioned by Robbie Mahoney at Graphic Thought Facility, brings THE WOOL PARADE to life, wherein the objects become living characters – exploring their world within a pre-defined space.

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