cookware and tableware

Tefal commissioned Doshi Levien to design a range of cookware inspired by cuisine from around the world. Their aim was to create a range of authentic pots that people in the countries of origin would choose to use. The challenge was to retain the practical and visual characteristics of the original cookware, while using new materials suitable for contemporary appliances. Doshi Levien wanted to redefine non-stick coating as a prestigious material, moving away from its association with the short-lived and disposable, they wanted the mass-produced to feel custom-made. Each pot expresses a strong cultural identity through material, colour and the variant Tefal marques on the bases – which they also designed. Doshi Levien began their studio in 2000 with a commission from Tom Dixon, then creative director for Habitat, to design glasses and flatware.

The Mosaic range of cookware is no longer in production. Doshi Levien are currently looking for a new partner to manufacture the glasses and flatware.

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