Hay 2021

Quilton, a sofa featuring a versatile and flexible system of modules from which you can build many different environments, shapes, and styles. Quilton is distinguished by its bold aesthetic character and finely tailored detail of its quilt-like surface, which lends the product its name.

“Doshi Levien are designers you go to when you want a strong product,” says Rolf Hay. “They are distinguished by their ability to create products that truly stand out, and they are incredibly original and detail-oriented in the way they think about design.”

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A generous design that pairs great comfort with elegance, Quilton matches its bold visual character with a pleasing, balanced aesthetic. It is ample without sacrificing delicate details, like the classic stitches that define its surface and the skilled hand craftsmanship of the upholstery.

The raised rounded platform of the sofa gives it a light, floating quality. Quilton is solid without appearing heavy.

“Quilton sofa embodies all the qualities of design we want to live with. It is sculptural, bold and tailored with a strong identity that can exist in an environment with diverse cultural and architectural references.”