2016 Installation Kvadrat

‘Pilotis’ is an architectural installation to launch four new curtain fabric designs for Kvadrat. The installation is inspired by the ‘beton brut’ but smooth columns of reinforced concrete that symbolise modernist architecture. Anthropomorphic ‘Pilotis’ of textured, smooth and perforated fabrics are juxtaposed with each other, creating a play with light and darkness. The machine like texture of Utopia is combined with the smooth iridescence of Lake; the perforations of Rocket are layered with opaque Fiction, together forming a naive and playful fabric Metropolis.”

With architectural colours, reminiscent of Corbusier’s paintings and concrete utopian visions of modernism, the four textiles retain a soft and flowy allure. Playing with a layered approach to curtains, using transparency and opacity in architectural juxtaposition, Doshi Levien create the special installation Pilotis.

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