Open Home

John Lewis collection

Open Home is a furniture collection for John Lewis. The collection responds to the growing trend of fluid and open living spaces. Activities such as resting, dining, working, cooking and entertaining are merging in most modern homes so that spaces become more flexible in their purpose as do the objects that inhabit them. The collection consists of elements that can define a sense of place within an open living environment. Doshi Levien’s collection has a warm yet modern identity, combining high quality materials and sensual forms.

Doshi Levien’s collection is made up of armchairs, sofas, occasional tables, lighting and rugs. The seating features elegantly curved backrests that envelop you while you sit and which seem to float above their wooden frames. The looping legs of the tables are airy and delicate, while the lamps cantilever dramatically over their bases. Elsewhere, the woollen rugs are emblazoned with a pattern of intricate coloured chevrons.

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