Kvadrat Kabarett

The dance of Jaali and Maya

Kabarett celebrates the synergy between Maya and Jaali, two fabrics designed by Doshi Levien for Kvadrat. Doshi Levien interpreted the fabrics as having a sartorial quality and set about inventing a series of abstract characters that would perform a colourful dance. The woollen upholstery fabric Jaali was used to create opaque and sensual hard forms in contrast with Maya, a curtain fabric that is free-flowing and transparent and used for the dresses. In the process of bringing these idiosyncratic characters to life, they earned names such as Tutu girl, Parachute woman, Opera lady, Whirling Dervish. This coming together of diverse personalities reminded us of the Kabarett clubs of the early twentieth century where artists congregated to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Jaali –┬áis an architectural woollen upholstery textile designed by Doshi Levien, which fuses pattern and texture to intriguing effect. Viewed from close-up, it reveals a fine net-like grid of hexagonal shapes. However, when seen from a distance, this pattern takes on the expression of a textured structure.

Maya – is a rhythmic, airy curtain textile designed by Doshi Levien, offering an open structure and a light, matte expression. Despite its delicate look, it is extremely robust. Constructed with a leno weave, Maya creates a beautiful play of light and shadow, as conditions change throughout the day. The design is inspired by Indian saris, which combine different transparencies to consistently reveal subtle nuances.


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