Galerie Kreo 2022

Kinari literally means an edge and is also used to describe the celebratory, colourful and decorative details to finish the edge of textiles in India. Kinari evokes Indian memories of beautifully handmade solid wood furniture in sensual, dark spaces with cool mosaic floors, of deep handwoven silk saris with decorative borders; of a period of elegance rooted in craftsmanship with joy but restraint, when almost everything was commissioned and made by different artisans in small ateliers. Of wood carvings in temples, with coloured lacquer. Lac Bangles made in Jaipur.

The Kinari collection celebrates the soft and sensual and abundant forms of the dark tropical wood structure with a poetic composition of colours. We hand mixed the colours in the studio, building a library of references for the console and coffee tables: a lot of trial and error resulting with a beautiful, vivid and joyful palette. The gold leaf adds a jewel like preciousness to the pieces.

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