Day Beds for Moroso

A range of four daybeds called ‘Charpoy’ marry the skilled workmanship of Indian seamsters with Italian expertise in industrial production. ‘Charpoy’ meaning 4 legs, is derived from the ubiquitous Indian daybed that recurs in several ‘Avatars’ or manifestations throughout the country; as a stringed bed to sleep on or a daybed for ladies to lounge on and conduct their daily affairs. The ‘Charpoy’ is made using cotton and silk mattresses embroidered with the Ancient Indian dice game of ‘Chaupar’. The game itself is like chess and led to the ‘Epic’ Indian war of ‘Mahabharata’, when kingdoms and wives were waged as prizes. The great Mughal emperor Akbar was so fond of the game that he had boards laid out in the flag-stoned courtyard at Fatehpur Sikri in Agra, using beautiful girls in colourful saris for the pieces. The textile techniques used for the ‘Charpoy’ are local to the western state of Gujarat, known for its embroidery, applique and mirror work. Each piece has a completion date and the names of makers embroidered on it. This detailed hand work is contrasted with lacquered under-frames, CNC machined in Manzano, a region of Italy that specializes in precision wood work.

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