Collaboration with John Lobb

Based in the city of London, we are surrounded by small jewel like shops, ateliers, specialist makers and artisans who epitomise fine manufacturing. The trades vary from shoe making, to clothing, saddlery and gentlemen’s umbrellas. These expert makers draw upon a reservoir of knowledge learnt through practice and experience. When visiting one of these ateliers one witnesses an expertise that encompasses engineering, material technology and fine craftsmanship with an acute understanding of the human anatomy. Our aim is to find the best makers in the world and combine design with their expertise. With the generous support of the Arts Council of England, we created 4 pairs of shoes with John Lobb. From the outset we decided to work with Lobb’s existing manufacturing techniques and materials to create shoe designs that highlight their strength as bespoke makers. We challenged the construction and clichéd motifs of the traditional shoe by merging components together and creating the feeling of leather wrapping the foot asymmetrically, emphasising the sensuality of form and leather.

The shoes we designed for John Lobb are bespoke made to measure. If you would like to acquire a pair or two, go to John Lobb on St James Street, London to have your feet measured.

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