2014 Design for B&B Italia

‘Almora’ Lounge chair embodies primal human needs to be warm, protected and sheltered but equally to be engaged with our surroundings. The idea of the chair comes from a vivid memory of arriving at night and waking up to the sudden breathtaking view of the snow capped Himalaya mountains at sunrise; of feeling the cold crystalline mountain air while wrapped in a soft hand woven cashmere blanket. Homes in the Himalaya are not centrally heated or hermetically sealed. So even if one is inside, there is always a connection with outdoors through the verandah or a sheltered courtyard. We imagined the ‘Almora’ to be this link, between our inner and outer world; our private and social self.

Almora is available to buy from September 2014. More information on price, availability and material options can be found by contacting a B&B showroom.

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