Interview by Marcus Fairs

Doshi and Levien’s work combines influences from their respective Indian and European backgrounds. “Our approach is not a purely European design approach,” Doshi explains.


Almora chair for B&B Italia


‘Artful Blend’ by Jonathan Glancey

“Doshi Levien is proof that the perceived dangers of global design—ubiquity, the abandonment of local color, craft, and culture—are not an inevitable threat to variety and beauty in the modern world. Design can be at once local and global, employing age-old customs, patterns, and ways of working along with the latest in materials, technology, manufacturing, and marketing.”


‘Rites de Passage’ by Yann Siliec

At the crossroads between technology, crafts, history and industrial design, Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien ignore the idea of boundaries. Combining their roots, their work celebrates the cultural hybrid…


Best Domestic design

My Beautiful Backside sofa designed for Moroso wins an award! See more about this project


‘Glocal Style’ by Sara Banti


‘No rest for the worldly’ by Caroline Roux

“What attracted Moroso, as well as hard-nosed design critics and hard to please buyers in Milan, was Doshi Levien’s cultural cross-polination with a contemporary edge.” Words by Caroline Roux, portrait by Kate and Camilla inc.


Best break through designers

This feature in Wallpaper happened a while ago but it’s a favorite. We spent an afternoon in the half built New York Times Building by Renzo Piano being photographed by Leigh Johnson as we did various balancing stunts.